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Still in development                                                                                                               September 18, 2019

Oh my, a full year without an update. The project is still being worked on daily. Lots of things have been improved and refactored. The whole process of creating dialogues,quests and cutscenes has been changed to make it easier to add content. The game is nearly bug free ( probably jinxed it now ) and also runs about twice as fast as last year. Landscapes are now voxel based. There's realistic looking oil using nVidia flex. The building system is getting bigger by the day. The atmospheric pressure on the diver is calculated correctly and if you ascend/descend too fast vision gets blurry up to loss of health. I love games with lots of details like this but I have to admit this makes the development process way longer since there's a lot of trying out of new features to see if they fit into the overall gameplay. I'll probably start a video dev log in the near future to get some more eyes on this. Until then!

Dream sequences                                                                                                               June 30, 2018

Tweaking the controls of the dream sequences where you can control animals:

Visual update                                                                                                               June 23, 2018

Black Hollow now has hair with different physics for land/water:

Adding emotions to characters                                                                                                               June 09, 2018

Still chugging along adding new features. Lately I've added random eye movement / blinking and changing face emotions on the fly.
The setup is universal between all characters now which is a huge time relief for creating cutscenes/conversation reactions.
Here's a sneak peak:

Gameplay gifs                                                                                                               February 26, 2018

Sneek Peek of the first level before adding the foliage:

This is the cave in higher res:

And here's a cave with a huge chunk of the comet:

Benchmark v3                                                                                                               January 11, 2018

The gameplay mechanics are coming along nicely. Lots of work going into cutscenes and balancing fights right now. I'll keep updating this benchmark as more graphic features get added in.
The game might be added to Steam Early Access in a couple of months!

- switched to Forward Rendering
- added moving grass/weeds with better shader
- added lots of rocks for a more realistic cave look
- added humpback whale floating near entrance
- added switching cameras in options menu
- added progress bar and final average fps
- added volumetric lights
- updated Sub to new look


Explore a wide variety of locations including: sunken underwater cities, tankers, caves, military bases, power plants and many more.


Survive underwater by hunting fish, finding power cellls and repairing your submarine.


Craft new weapons and enhance your subs abilities. Find new blueprints and create them after derusting and combining materials.


Navigate the whole US East Coast to find new resources and locations. Fill your water supply but beware of acid rain!